Maria Duval inspires me to understand..

Do you know what feeds the growth and development of positive thinking?

It's a word that starts with letter 'e' and it is like a ray of sunshine of your mind's garden. Right, the word is 'enthusiasm'. It is a healthy food for your mind and if you are healthy in this aspect, you can cultivate positive mindset much more easily. This is analogous to the process of plants requiring sunlight to grow.

Energy level is linearly proportionate to the enthusiasm you have shown. The more you show it, the more energy you will display while sometimes it is tough to even show a little tinge of enthusiasm for the stuff you dislike.

Just to take an example, I can bet firmly that most people will be feeling enthusiastic when they suddenly hit a windfall through lottery. They would not no trouble finding the spark on ideas about how to spend the money on hand. However, when it comes to filing your yearly tax returns, people hardly get any level of enthusiasm. Right? However, the wonder of positive thinking is developing the ability to find the good things in any situation and use them to get through the difficult parts.

Like anything fragile, enthusiasm must be cultivated and protected from those 'emotion storms'. There are several ways to do this, for example, taking a well-deserved vacation, have a conversation with people you like, play your favorite games, etc. I have realized through the teachings of Maria Duval that to find enthusiasm is to focus on the benefit you will derive from completing a particular task. For instance, you may hate cooking, but imagine that the people you are cooking for will be very happy to enjoy your food, this positive thought alone will be a motivation for you to cook the meal for your family.

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