A set of positive beliefs Maria Duval has

Maria Duval says that by transforming the thoughts, we can transform the perception of things and events and modify our beliefs at the same time. Maria Duval believes the following set of belief that has helped her a lot in her life.

1. Everything that happens to me happens because it teaches me something and I learn as much as I can from these events.

2. There is no such thing as failure in life, there are simply tests to be passed. Success always follows failure. To succeed, one has to persevere.

3. My future has nothing to do with the past.

4. I am capable of changing the course of my life at any time, by taking a good decision.

5. I have many personal assets that enable me to get the things I want.

6. Every cent that I spend come back to me multiplied.

7. I fully accept the things that happen in my life and make the best of them: in every situation, I do the best thing for me and for everybody.

8. Giving and receiving are the same thing, when I give, I receive, and receiving, in turn, enables me to give.

9. The love that is in my heart has no value until it is shared.

Maria Duval also says that we all can set of own set of positive beliefs. Simply jot it down and remind yourself often. Soon, this will become our daily reality and with imagination and intuition, allow ourselves to dream, and be creative.

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