Clutters of your life - discard them

How many gadgets do you carry with you all the time? How much emotional burdens are you carrying now?

In today's world we have so much gadgetry in our lives supposedly designed to assist us. But is it assisting us or ruling us? Do you really need so many of them? Are you really that sought after that you need to be online even when you on the road?

You may need to free up your time by discarding items that supposed functions are to free up your time. Give time to spend doing the things that help your relax, that are fun or fulfilling. Just imagine the number of gadgets you bring out with you when you're out, like cellphone, PDA, iPod, bluetooth headset, PSP, notebook, and many more new-fangled electronics gadgets that are coming your way due to intensive marketing ploys of tech ompanies as the technology progresses.

You may achieve true freedom once you discard those redundant items and there will be less physical and mind clatter. Once you start discarding you will be amazed how different you feel. You will be free of both physical and mind clutter. Also make a list of all the things you do and what you do it with from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. Are you doubling up anywhere, do you find that some things are not at all fulfilling. If they're not then discard them to further simplify your life.

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