Maria Duval - awakening the intuition

Maria Duval says, "intuition" is the immediate comprehension of truth without the help of reasoning; it is instant knowledge, the faculty of knowing what is right and good for yourself at a given moment.

Everyone has intuition, but few people trust it. And yet, how many people say: "I knew it!" after the event, excited and annoyed that they didn't listen to their "inner voice"?

Treasure it because intuition is a very precious tool and a truly wonderful gift: in fact, intuition is a natural magic process as reveals by Maria Duval in her teachings.

Just imagine and think how many mistakes, problems and difficult experiences would be avoided if we have made use of the judgment provided by our intuition. But intuition like all other natural resources, can be developed if you work at it. Psychic Maria Duval is able to teach you how you can develop your intuition.

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