Maria Duval: Changing to a positive belief

One of the most effective ways of changing your beliefs is to practise meditation through the instructions taught by psychic Maria Duval.

Your beliefs have been created by the events that you have experienced over the course of your life and above all by the conclusions that you have drawn from them. In other words, how you have understood them.

For example, let say you have a broken relationship and you are feeling sad, you can look at it in a different way by saying to yourself that maybe this was not the man or woman that suited me instead of say nobody is going to love me.

Maria Duval concludes that if these thoughts are repeated and consolidated in your mind, they will make you have feelings and emotions that are related to them. Then you will add according to your beliefs. In this case of the first of these thoughts, you will remain open to a new relationship and will continue to meet people. In the latter case, you will end up by closing in on yourself, convinced that you will never be loved again or you have bad luck in love.

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