Maria Duval: more about concentration

Today, I will discuss more about concentration.

Maria Duval uses this example as a concentration. If you use a magnifying glass to direct ray of sunlight, the light will be sharply focused at a certain focal length and the piece of paper being shone will be burned. Similarly, if you mind can concentrate like a magnifying glass, the issues you are focusing on will be burned as a flash of enlightenment. When you are in this state of concentration, problems can be easily solved in minutes.

Concentration is the faculty that makes people great. If you want to be successful, to do something worthwhile and reach the highest rungs of your life, you must learn to channel your attention, your thoughts, your feelings, your desires and your will. People are highly successful are also people who are capable of concentrating their mind.

Maria Duval says there are two aspects of concentration.

1. Concentration that involves regular practice sessions, performed using specific places, times and body postures and breathing technique.

2. Another aspect is brought to bear on life itself, as it happens, with its obvious repetition, but with all its variations and surprises too.

Concentration skills can be exercised and reinforced for these two aspects of concentration as linked by a law called law of complementarity. Understanding and observing this phenomenon is one of the keys to success.

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