Let me continue the previous day's post for doing right for you.

By acting in a way that is right for you, you are actually accumulating merits and you will be flooded with a multitude of favours and benefits. According to psychic Maria Duval, the great thing about this type of attitude is that if you act in a way that is right for you, it will also be right for those around you.

Rightly so, you are not secluded from others as long as you are in tune with your intuition. You are still in line with the world without this being in any way a burden. Most importantly, do not think that this is a selfish way of acting as this is not the case.


Maria Duval says because actually you will not be acting from your selfish center that brings everything back to you, which takes and forgets and focuses on its wound and what is not right. By acting on the basis of your intuition you will be connected to the spiritual dimension and that will bring you a great deal of security and peace.

Your intuition is the word of God within you.

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