To live happily and heathily in the present

So to live happily and heathily everyone must live in the present. What does this mean?

Sometimes when your thoughts of the past come back to you, just shrug them off with no worries, allow them to come and go, and dissolve in their own accord without you pressurised to do anything. Do this with all your thoughts as Maria Duval suggests.

Just to take a simple example, now you think your life is not going great. You are facing strains in life everywhere and you suddenly think that five years ago everything was in its prime. You tell yourself how good things are then and you wish time bring you back.

As for the future, psychic Maria Duval says not to worry about it. Find your way, what you are made for, the thing that is right for you and follow your course, day after day, taking pleasure in everything you do. By doing this, you will be vital and happy to be alive.

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