Little me in man

Psychic Maria Duval says that high ego results when there is a lack of separation between psychological, physical body and the divine spirit or soul.

Instead of being united with the soul, man is identified with the little me (the personified form of the mind) and every time something does not go as planned in the world, he says "it is and this me that suffers, because he thinks that everything that happens is to do with him" when in fact, it simply events taking the course. This is what Maria Duval says as "false identifications".

Then next man becomes attached to whatever brings him pleasure and rejects what makes him suffer, because man have not understood that he has fallen into his own trap: that of his false identifications.

Maria Duval adds that this illusion runs so deep that he has even invented scientific methods to analyse his ego and that means man remains a prisoner of his own.

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