Better not to have these in your head

Maria Duval says there is a need to control your thoughts. Sadly, many of us use thoughts in a very damaging way. Their fears, anxieties, worries. This often cause complications and unfavourable events appearing in their lives.

The type of thought that is lingering in your head also has significant influence on your health. Let me explain more. I have a friend who always feels bitter, that everyone is against her, whether in personal life or in the work. Things are always tight up when she's around. When something happens, she gets work up personally even though it's not her fault. Soon, her life gets very edgy. She's getting suspicious towards everyone. Mentally she is really not in her sort. I hope she'll recover back to her old vivacious self.

Some thoughts are better left in the rubbish chute as they constitute a real danger and should be removed forever from your thoughts. These could mean something like "I'm not able to do it", "It's just not going to happen to me", or, "I'm just not as lucky as him".

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Gwen_25loved said...

I think that the negative things that we think becomes us. I used to think the worse of everything and just as I thought, the worse happen then, when I was nine years old I started to have dreams and whatever I dreamed, came true I really didnt make much of it untill I got older, now Im 25 and I have all sorts of incounters with.....well I cant really say but I can feel there presents around me, as well as here them.All in all I know that if you think negative, negative will become you, and if you think positive you will have positive results!Thank You for your Daily "Food for thought" it enspires me! Your Friend,Gwendolyn Tucker(GTucker)

Mere T. said...

Dear Gwen,

Thank you for your comments! I really need some..LOL!

What you said is perfectly right. Many people around don't understand the perils of having negative thoughts and they spend a lot of their time wondering why their lives have become that way. Focus on the good sides and we'll all experience the joy of living and things will definitely become much rosy. Luck and prosperity will then roll into our lives.

Best wishes to you
Mere T.