Vibratory state of thoughts

Do you know that the state of poverty is corresponds to the vibratory states of thoughts in us? When a person's vibratory state is sufficiently correct and positive, this person will finally receive the goodness and benefits from the Universe.

So if you are currently facing difficulties in your work, business or life, why not examine yourself what is the main cause of it to go wrong. Sometimes a simple change to a positive mindset works like magic! As long as there is a tint of negativity in your thought, that could just reset your vibratory state to that of a failure mechanism in your brain. The more constructive thoughts in your mind, the more you will progress towards wealth and prosperity.

To conclude what I learn from Maria Duval is that the incessant repetition of thoughts whether negative or positive, amplifies the original subconscious belief. The result of it is that there is greater material manifestations.

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