Using positive affirmations

Yesterday I mentioned about positive affirmations, and today, I'll briefly explain based on what I learn from Maria Duval about how to apply it. It's easy but you need to be consistent, just like any other tasks. Repeat it over and over again until it works.

Say them as many times as you can during the day, mentally when there are people around, or say it loud when you realise you are alone. That makes sense, as you don't want people to think you are suffering from mental illness!

Allow them to "echo" in your heart so that the meaning really sinks in. Just like you are digesting the food you have eaten. Do it well and it will recharge you with a fresh burst of spiritual energy thus keeping you peaceful, determined and positive.

Do it during shower, or you are on a long trip with a lot of time to spare. Better still, affirm it during your meditation sessions. That will have an even better effect I guess. You can also write on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall so that it reminds you of your determination all the time. Be creative..

Once you have done that consistently, the message will be ingrained in your brain and you will automatically switch to the mode that you are yearning for. You'll also realise it will improve your life tremendously.

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