Maria Duval: Karma at work

I'm sure Karma is a very common word by now and is widely quoted by many people when they are expressing about doing good deeds, bad deeds and the consequences of their action. How many actually know karma in greater details? Psychic Maria Duval has spoken about karma before and now I shall post based on my own briefest understanding. My knowledge about it is not there yet.

Karma comes from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. In a simple explanation, karma means the consequences of your old choices, beliefs and attitude and how these are going to affect your life in the future. Karma is all about mental imprints resulted from your actions, where good or bad. They will stay with you as long as you are alive and will affect how you behave and believe in the future.

My question is, what if I saw the snail but it's too late for me NOT to step on it? Will this result in any karma imprints? For example, I am jogging in a park in the morning and at the turn, I am too late to pull myself away from the snail. Based on the interpretation above, there is no intention to kill but there will be imprint as it is so vivid. Is this bad karma too?

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