Casting a spell

Many people are consumed by their own fears and doubts. The stakes of survival are high in this ever competitive modern world hence people suffer as a result of these mental overdoes. Spiritually they are "blocked" too and you just have to look around you to realise that a simple word or phrase and everything they try to say after is pointless and just makes things worse.

Clairvoyant Maria Duval reminds us that this word or phrase can have significant consequences; spoken at a sensitive point, it can make someone do something or think something that conditions the whole of the rest of their life. Hence we are actually all magicians. With our words we can cast spells on others, or release spells.

Maria Duval gives this valid example of the power of words. Let say you talk to a friend and comment, "you are not looking well at this moment and you look like you are suffering from some serious illnesses like cancer." If you friend agrees to what you say, very soon, your friend will contract the serious illness too. That's how anyone can cast a spell through the power of words.

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