Words that become part of you

While you grow up, you face all sorts of comments and opinions from others like parents, siblings, friends, teachers and mentors about you. You never even think about it much and accept that silently most of the time. Hence you believe about what are said about you and these go into your mind and become part of your nature or personality or the way you act as a person. Clairvoyant Maria Duval says this is all a part of the domestication of you.

For example, my mother used to say I'm like her for not being deft with numbers and I'd face a lot of problems doing my maths exams. These had been going on since I was five and even till now, sometimes I tell my friends I am not good at numbers. I believe this thinking has already been so ingrained that its nearly impossible to change that.

Which is also why I've been very careful with words especially when I have kids around as I wish these children to grow up with their own natural ability and potential and not some false beliefs burnt into their mind.

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