Words spoken to cause damage

We should not be using words to insult or harm any person as much as we can although sometimes in the fit of anger we may do so unintentionally. Maria Duval says this also include speaking words of hatred or jealousy in order to create chaos among people. I guess not many people can do that because we all are emotional and are swayed depending on the circumstances around us. I do encourage people to exercise restraint while facing adversities and make good use of your personal energy as it will bring on more truth and self-respect among us.

No mortal is a saint but bring chaos with your words in my opinion is just not the way of harmony and balance. There are people who thrive on such behaviour and you can find such people everywhere especially in a competitive place such as the working office. I advise people to avoid making untrue statements about others or trying to speak badly of others whenever you are communicating.

If you are always engaging in such act, please do some serious thinking about the occasions where you have used negative tones or words to talk about someone you know with the sole intention to bring forth the idea strongly to the third party.

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