Maria Duval: "I believe I can, therefore I can."

It is true that desire plays a very vital role in the initial process as many successful people have demonstrated. Together with the firm belief of faith in your ability, great things can be achieved in your life. If there is no faith, desire will stagnate gradually.

Maria Duval suggests a person to say and affirm as many times as possible, "I believe I can, therefore I can."

If you believe in your desire you are already half way there to accomplish it - it's as simple as that.

It's the confidence that you invest in your desire that really counts.

In the Bible, it was scripted that Jesus was able to heal sick people who had an unshakeable confidence in Him. Blind people were able to regain their lost sight, and cripples regained the use of their limbs. And Jesus told the healed that it was rather their faith that saved them and healed them.

So, develop faith, a passionate , indestructible faith, and we too will accomplish wonderful things and these will be the miracles in our lives.

Clairvoyant and psychic Maria Duval states that to develop this burning faith, you must begin by behaving as though you are already in possession of the object of your desires!

Constant filling into our minds positive words and images will help us attract various opportunities relating to your desire. If you long for money, keep repeating to yourself that money is your friend and that you will want to acquire it more until you have amassed a fortune for you and other's benefits.

Strengthen your conviction every day until you believe in it like a laser focused aim for your desire, your dream will realise it one day.

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