Maria Duval - Never made a mistake in your life.

Our minds are constantly buzzing with thoughts and we make decisions all the time. Through these decisions, we define our expectations in life. If it meets our expectations, we are happy and we appreciate the good choices we made. If not, we ask ourselves why our lives are so unlucky.

So, what is the ultimate truth?

Psychic Maria Duval says it is easy to get victimised in life, even in the slightest way. By that she means by expressing that you are having a bad day at first may not sound like you are a victim of life, but when you look a bit deeper, it is.

Thinking of it from another angle, if you really believed that you create your life perfectly regardless of the outcome and expectations, then how can the day be bad? The day cannot be bad, it is just the result of your perception. It can only be lousy if you feel done to - thus victimise yourself.

Many people I talk to laments how can we show gratitude to the Providence with something is obviously not right life or society we are living in. Just because life gave you an outcome that you did not expect does not mean you have to have regrets about it. Simply note what occurred and ask yourself what you could have done differently and learn from the situation. This helps us refine our actions and create lovelier outcomes.

Once you start perceiving life from this point of view you realize that you've never made a mistake in your life. You simply took actions that did not have the outcome you anticipated and you simply switch gears and take a different action.

As we learn and prosper, Maria Duval wants you not to be afraid to question the motivation of your mind, and if you see yourself leaning towards regret and malaise, please stop immediately!

Question your thoughts and switch them to gratitude. You will be surprised how good life can be and you will appreciate your existence in this world.

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