Maria Duval - Forgiveness

Maria Duval the clairvoyant says that there is a story about Tantalus, the Lydian King who was sentenced by Zeus to suffer endlessly from hunger and thirst. He was tied to a post with an abundance of water and food just a few feet away. It was a torment of magnitude. And this is how the word "tantalize" comes from, and the story of Tantalus is often used to describe a situation or dream which is never satisfied or fulfilled in life.

So, it comes back to the reality of us. Most of us have dreams, dreams of better life, but in the end, many turn disappointed that the dreams and desires are never fulfilled. If you are in such situation, have you ever asked why? Was it down to patches of bad luck, injustice, or you never met someone to guide you along?

Maria Duval says, we are a bit like Tantalus. There are chains around us, attaching us to our past and prevent us from advancing towards a better future. Before we can enjoy, we've got to free ourselves from these chains of the past that are holding us back.

"Whatever Man condemns in others, he attracts to himself".

Psychic Maria Duval knows many people who have brought misfortune and illness on themselves by condemning others. FORGIVENESS is the surest way of breaking these ties to the past. When we forgive, we pardon others and also ourselves.

By refusing to forget the wounds that have been inflicted on us, we are imprisonning ourselves in the past. Forgiveness is the only way to set us free from these emotional chains. Perhaps the wounds you have suffered are so great that you think why should you forgive the person who inflicted on you, and you think it is impossible to work out a way to reconcile as your "enemy" has passed away or shifted to an unknown place. Rest assured, thought is a powerful way to tell the Universe that you are sincere to work something out!

When someone did wrong on you, it is pointless to punish that person through resentment, anger or violence, as you are in fact punishing yourself! Also, stop blaming yourself for the misjudgment that allowed the wound to happen in the first place. These bitterness in life if not let go, will consume you from inside and could also lead to serious physical illnesses one day.

Hence you have every valid reason to forgive others and yourself.

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