Maria Duval - Giving makes Money your Servant

As I have written many times here, one fundamentally important "rule" to generate more wealth and prosperity is to obey the universal law of giving which states that the more you give in a joyful way, the more you will receive in return. If you read about this for the first time, it may sound different from what you were thought. But this is the undisputed basic law to generate more wealth. Some of the richest men in the world firmly believe in this. Read about Warren Buffet's $37 billion donation! Mr Buffet said he was "overjoyed" to do that! I think that is more than what he is worth? And I know some people cringed at the thought of making a $50 donation!

Clairvoyant Maria Duval says giving prepares you to receive. Whatever you give will be reciprocated with interest. Giving makes you the master of money rather than its slave. When you give, money becomes your servant.

Giving what you hope to receive allows the riches of the Universe to flow freely through your own life. If you refuse to give or are stingy to give, you block the flow of abundance in your life. It really makes me sad to see some people being so frugal and tight-fisted to the extent of being oblivious to the plight of some unfortunate people.

They believe that the desire to hang on to accumulate more money is inadvertently blocking the stream of riches that could flow into their lives. This "Law of Universe" may strike unaware people as strange yet it is one of the rules that is firmly believed by the very wealthy people!

There are many ways to give, not just money. You can give you time, your possessions, your affection or your compassion. These are things that do not cost a penny! For example, you can donate your time to humanitarian causes, especially to regions that have been devastated by natural disasters, like in China and Myanmar recently.

You can also give people your smile, to bright up their days and your day. Give compliments to those around you when they give you a good service. Giving your best affection to your loved ones, it does not cost you money. Be compassion and give generous thoughts, wish people joy and happiness. These are small silent gifts that will bring powerful and intangible benefits into your life.

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