Maria Duval - A Natural Prayer

A prayer is a string of thoughts or words expressed naturally and pays tribute or gratitude to the divinity. Meditation and singing can be said to be some forms of prayer too. Maria Duval puts it clearly that "prayer is the first magic ceremony", and it must arise sincerely from your heart. When someone prays, there is a temporary fusion of one's mind with the higher divine spirit, and naturally open to unconditional love and cosmic energies around.

In terms of the parapsychic world, prayer is something like "astral pull" which links an individual to the astral flow of energies, hence allowing and encouraging the fulfillment of wishes at both material and spiritual levels.

Maria Duval's Egyptian Magic Formulas have the power to enhance the spiritual influence related to them into action. Reciting them repeatedly and consciously will allow an individual to enter into the interplay of vibrations that make up the universe and involve in guiding those energies.

For these magic formulas to work more effectively, Maria Duval suggests to practise some simple exercise which she would teach so that this will better promote the opening of an intuitive channel of energy as this will allow more cohesive "communication" with the universe.

This set of exercise breaks down the self limitations, inner fears and false beliefs that could stifle the benefits of the magic formulas, and in the end, it makes the flow of intuitive energy much more effective and allow the prayers to help you reap the full benefits in your life.


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