Maria Duval - How can a pendulum provide divinations?

When we dowse a pendulum, we are directly connected to an "Intelligence" that people also call the "Infinite Spirit", the "Super Conscious", the "Astral World", the "Cosmos", or that believers call "God".

Clairvoyant Maria Duval things that all of us have inside us, a fragment of that same "Infinite Intelligence" that exists in the Universe. We have in us a fragment of that "Divine Spirit". When we receive an intuition, we are receiving a message, a sign, a warning addressed to our own "Divine Spirit" by the "Infinite Intelligence of the Universe" which knows everything in advance! It's rather like a father or mother giving advice to a child.

It's just that we are unable to receive intuition messages well because our "receiver" has been blocked somewhere. So to remedy this intuition block, pendulum dowsing make it possible for someone to contact with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

Maria Duval would like to reveal to you the extremely creative qualities of the special "Egyptian Magic Formulas". Through this revelation, the subconscious mind can lead you towards success, so that you can live a fuller and better life with happiness.

What Maria Duval means is that through this, you can achieve love, money, luck, health and this is what most poeple yearn for in life. The Universe has unending resources hence everyone should have a chance to have these goodness in life.

The power is set in motion by repeating the formulas in specific conditions. This is extremely effective and is a powerful trigger for more successes and happiness. The effects generated by the strength of the Word is an undoubted sense recognised by Masters around the world. Even modern psychology admits the existence of these "powers".

Before a person can release of the magic energy contained in these Egyptian Formulas, he must be prepared physically and psychologically. Maria Duval says, we are practise, inspirations will flash into our mind, and we will receive clear insights more frequently. Maria Duval also recommends that we write them down explicitly in a notebook so that we know when this message comes and how it could be use to solve our problems.

It is really a joy in life when we discover we possess this amazing gift from the Super Intelligence. Now you can use pendulum to help you to solve problems in your life with clarity!

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