Maria Duval - Importance of Inner Guide in our life

Psychic Maria Duval believes that all of us human beings originate from the same source, which is the Infinite Intelligence that created us. Unless we humans come together and acknowledge this fact about the Infinite Intelligence, we will never attain true peace in this world and turn it to be a better place. Only if that acknowledgment happens then we can finally be able to see an end to centuries of conflicts and evils that poison humanity, like wars, abuses or racism.

Each of us also has an "Inner Guide" within us and it is better that we come to a realisation that this Inner Guide can help us solve our problems and woes. Maria Duval says this Inner Guide in us is at synchronisation with you and united with you.

There is a need to think about that the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe also stays within us, and through this, we are really an extension of this Higher Intelligence. Hence we are all connected to the Universe! Therefore, we can just connect to everything we want to have in our life since, this great limitless Universe has complete abundance to provide us with a prosperous living.

As a form of imagination, regard this link as an invisible thread that connect us to the dreams we want to draw into in our lives. This is very importance because Maria Duval thinks this is the awareness of the divine power of our Inner Guide.

The reason why Maria Duval stresses so much on this is because this condition is extremely vital to our successes in life. Understanding this concept will no doubt make our problems in life easier to manage and also progress more miraculously.

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