Some personal thoughts

Moments that complete us
In life we have some poignant moments when something just drifts into our personal awareness and its arrival seems to come in such a right time that it is like the last piece of jigsaw in our lives, and to complete us.

We feel lifted thereafter. And our brain and experience just weld together and makes things look less complex. Everything seems to make sense too. It's like the "joining-the-dots" games we once played when we were young.

Make the choice to succeed and all the steps to your goal shall be inspired. Allow yourself to be alright exactly where you are and in this allowing your path will lay itself out before you. Action will be easy because it is inspired. The most important aspect of co-creation is inspiration. Do what you love to do along your path to abundance and the road will pave itself as you go. Living each day by stating your goal to the universe and then taking inspired action is the recipe for success and prosperity.

So let the simple inner wisdom come forth. Just ask yourself for your own wisdom and let the miracle take place as it will.

Descendants of cosmos
We are descended from the infinite and being so there is nothing that man could create that could ever be too big, or overwhelming as to cause a decline of health and wellness. A single individual with enough focus has the ability to change the weather and influence the cosmos. How much more will our power grow when we see one another on the soul level rather than the level of thoughts and concepts.

When we realize that we all have the same fears and love and dreams at a deep and common level, we will change the world overnight to a place of peace and tranquility.

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