Maria Duval - Have confidence in Inner Guide

Maria Duval has advised that we should have strong confidence in our Inner Guide which is the intelligent spiritual being inside us who knows everything to our problems. Therefore, it is simply not a wise move to set up a barrier - doubts and anxiety - between us and our beloved Inner Guide.

Maria Duval suggests that when we have doubts about it, simple repeat phrases like "I have intuition: it is the voice of my Inner Guide" or My Inner Guide always directs me towards the solution that is the best choice for me."

While it is good to believe there is no hopeless situations, people are often led by the difficult circumstances they are experiencing that make them think it is hopeless. However, if you have faith in your best pal, it will no doubt show you its strongest ability at this trying time for you, and miraculously, a solution to your difficulty just pops up in your mind. Amazing!

Inner Guide knows what is initiative and what is best for you hence it will make the best solution for you if you have complete faith in it. Intuition is the channel that your Inner Guide releases its power.

Maria Duval believes that words we utter or whisper could be manifested into physical forms hence when difficult things come into our life, do not condemn ourself by whispering to ourself "things are always getting tougher and tougher for me". This is exactly the reason why problems just seemingly come after one and another for us.

Luckily, there is always our Inner Guide to our rescue.

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