Maria Duval - the right solution

It makes only ten minutes a day to do this exercise. First of all, choose a place where you won't be disturbed at least for ten minutes. Determine exactly what you want. Next relax your body and mind. Avoid being unsettled or tense up. Maria Duval says the best time to do this if the moment before you sleep, and usually people are more relaxed at this moment. Ideal places could be the balcony, the swing in the garden or the seat by the garden fish pond.

Visualise the scene! Really feel deep within you that your Divine Inner Mind has the power to provide the ideal solution to your problem.

Do not make the mistake of imagining how the problem could be solved, in this particular way or with the help of that particular person. If you do this, there is a risk that you would obstruct the process. So leave the mind to choose its own way of solving your problem. To do this, the Infinite Intelligence may use methods which are inconceivable to the human mind. It knows exactly when, on which particular date and how to grant your request.

So what do you have to do next after asking Inner Guide?

There is nothing you have to do, except waiting patiently and faithfully in the certainty that your Inner Guide will surely respond to your request.

Be receptive to the signals and signs and once you have received the signs, follow it without fail.

These signs can come in many ways, like strange dreams, what you friends say to you, events that appear out of nowhere in your life, or a sudden urge to do something different.

So the mindset is, always keep an open and attentive mind. Something will show you the right solution.

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