My meditation experience

Today I wish to write something about my experience with meditation that I had learned from Maria Duval over the last few months. It is an enriching process.

Nowadays whenever I start to meditate, I always have this question why it passes by so fast. Yes I have actually grown to enjoy it. Meditation can be said to be the best tool for me to relax and destress after a long day at office. It is really relaxing and it is a true holistic experience to go through.

Not just relaxing, I find that meditation aids me in being more creative too. I feel I had some unique and subtle vision that bothers on pure creativity. If only I can put that into an art form, that will be perfect. During this intimate moment with very quiet inward-looking state, everything feels like in tandem with the nature and myself.

There is no standard way to meditate. Maria Duval says that meditation is an extension of the natural state that we have gone through when we were very young. Sadly, most of us lost this ability as we go through formal education.

So I would greatly encourage all of us to put 10 to 15 mins a day to quieten down and listen to our inner most voice while connecting our soul to the universe through meditation.

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