Maria Duval constantly improves her knowledge

Clairvoyant Maria Duval said that it was media who had helped her to become famous and it was the media that launched her to become what she is today. Initially Maria was relectant as it was against her will to do something that is constantly under media spotlight.

mountainIn very early days, Maria Duval could give psychic readings and consultations to around thirty people per day and never seek for a single penny in return. It was the media that launched her, and at the start it was against her will to seek monetary rewards for her psychic sessions.

Maria Duval also revealed that she spent a lot of time learning and schooling to improve herself. She also participated in druidic movements. However, the druidism session did not last long as she was an Italian and atavism might be the reason that impelled Maria Duval in Greco-Latin direction.

Yes, life long education and learning is Maria Duval's motivation in life too. She has never stopped learning new knowledge and working her way through philosophies, and spiritualities, no matter where she will be in the world. Maria Duval does her best to cultivate herself to the limits, so that she could use all the knowledge she had acquired through her writings and books that eventually help many people.

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