Maria Duval - How To Create Positive Affirmations

Creating positive affirmations is the first step in changing your self image and more forward on the road to success. Positive affirmations counter negative self talk by focusing you on your strengths and skills instead of your failings. Here's how to create positive affirmations:

positive affirmations1. Have a vision: Picture in your mind a positive outcome for your action. Your subconscious mind will
begin guiding you helping you make your vision a realty.

2. Begin your affirmation with "I" For example: "I am a great salesperson."

3. Use the present tense: Write your affirmation as if it is already accomplished.

4. Use short powerful sentences.

5. Believe in yourself. Make your affirmation believable.

6. Have faith in a power greater than you that wants only good for you.

7. Put these affirmations where you can see them and repeat them constantly.Think Positive!

8. Open your mind and heart to the unlimited possibilities and riches of the universe.

A great way to reinforce these positive affirmations is to set aside time everyday for meditation. By meditating even 5 or 10 minutes a day you will begin impressing these affirmations in your subconscious mind. As stated earlier you mind will begin acting on these affirmations, believing there are true and finding ways to bring them to fruition.

Read self improvement books and or listen to CD's that offer positive reinforcement. One book I highly recommend is "The Science of Getting Rich". This book is the fore runner of the popular best seller "The Secret". The Science of Getting Rich will guide you through the steps toward creating success and riches. This book could literally change your life. Follow these steps and with persistence you can reduce and eliminate negative self talk and begin living a more positive, confident life.

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