Two Sides of Personality

Your brain can be compared to a mirror as it constantly attracts and reflects ideas or images that come into your path. These ideas come and go, and there is no much mental control to "guide" them to a proper path of landing in an orderly manner.

If you are able to control these ideas and thoughts well, you will gain immense power through channelling. When there is control, there is order and it brings senses to the chaos of ideas.

Thus Maria Duval says that your mind must recognise its role and control the unruly ideas that fly around your head. It must sift through them, select them, and sanction them. Once you have finally have a valid set of ideas organised in your mind, then it only remains to take action.

And the best way of learning how to link up your ideas and to act on it is to use "auto suggestion". This will start you off on the road to success.

Maria Duval also adds that the biggest thing is to recharge your magnetic potential which may have died down. To recharge it, there is a need to curb and control the emotions and your imagination, which dissipate and waste your magnetic power.

Your need to change and modify all responses which have been ingrained and that it makes you habitual and worthless. Your reason and your intellect should have the biggest influence on how you conduct yourself.

It's not a matter of mobilising your will power to overcome your habits, but simply using your imagination and emotions in the way Maria Duval is going to teach you.

There are two sides to your personality. One is the conscious which is your intellect, reason and thought, and too often, this personality clashes with your unconscious personality which is the behaviour instilled sine childhood, and the realms of emotions, feelings and imagination.

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