Maria Duval's interesting encounters

Maria Duval adds on that just before every radio session, there would be a sizable crowed or two to three hundred people waiting for her at the entrance of the radio station, and that really touched Maria a lot, as these affection, love, and friendship of these people somehow increased her magic powers by many folds as this was big inspiration for her.

Besides radio, Maria had also appeared in television shows. According to her, television shows were so much difficult as compared to radio's. These were live shows hence the producers would want everything to go without hitch and be as entertaining as possible for the viewers. Sometimes the audience could be those who wanted to prove Maria Duval was wrong at a big stage.

There was this incident which went like this. Maria Duval was speaking about reincarnation and there were about fifty people. A man stood up and tried to disprove what Maria was saying by insisting what she said was wrong. The man's belligerence somewhat triggered the psychic's clairvoyant vision about that man.

Maria Duval proved to that man her clairvoyance by reluctantly announcing before the audience that she could "see" that the man's son took out a revolver from his desk and committed suicide. The man was extremely crestfallen when he heard that naturally. This burst of clairvoyant vision was exhausting as it was such an unhappy incident to the man. The audience was similarly affected too as the vision was very strong.

Maria Duval also revealed that she did exorcisms that had caused a lot of trouble and discomfort in a spiritual and physical way. That is the reason why Maria had not performed exorcism nowadays.

Maria Duval also saw something extraordinary at the start of her life. At Milly La Foret where Jean Cocteau lived, Maria had a chance to meet this legendary French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright and filmmaker. She also read Cocteau's hand, much to his delight, and he gave her a book dedicated to her as a gift.

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