Maria Duval on how to cope with stress

So, how to control and confront stress in an effective way?

The method is easy yet it needs a firm mind to execute it. By thinking positively and helping others to free themselves of the undesirable effects of stress, one can reduce own anxiety levels. When you close your eyes, take three deep breaths, visualise some calming scenes, you defuse stress. And if circumstances allow it, there are also some positive affirmations that offer effective protection.

For example:

This is just temporary.
Providence is with me.
Everything that happens is for the best.
Let it go and allow God to do his work.
Things are getting better and better.
Today will be a perfect day.

Maria Duval states that there are some signs your body will give you when stress is starting to have a serious effect on you:

- Stomach upsets, increased heart rate,
- Insomnia, persistent fatigue,
- You bite your nails, you're irritable,
- Memory loss, nervous tactics,
- Inability to concentrate,
- Irresistable urges to eat sweet things,
- Increase in your alcohol intake, smoking more, drinking more coffee, drug use,
- More frequent illness.

Maria Duval offers some ideas how to reduce the stresses in yoru life so that its negative impact can be lessened.

- Keep your sense of humour, learn to see the funny side of your problems.
- Seek out solitude to relax.
- Take physical exercise, have a massage,
- Go and see a funny show or a comedy.
- Eat better and limit your smoking, coffee and alcohol consumption.

Ultimately, do remember that relaxation is the first and most important of these anti stress measures.

When you are deeply relaxed, visualise a peaceful setting, preferably a place where you have already been, such as a beach, a stream, a mountain, a lake, a spring, a tranquil open space. Stay in that place for some minutes. Breath and take of the beautiful moments in this world and in your life. It is the most effective medicine to fight your stress.

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