Mental blocks to our financial lucks

Maria Duval's advice to you who may be looking to improve on your financial luck would be to analyse and identify any ideas you have about money and material things that seem negative or restrictive

For example, how would you feel when someone says to you, "We live in an Universe of abundance. Ask for your fair share". Do you feel unease or cagey towards people who may be saying this kind of thing to you? Do you believe them or do not? Do you think they are dreaming to take the place of reality?

Do you feel guilty when you spend money? How do you feel when you see a lot of bills stacking up on your desk? Do you see money as an enemy that is trying to dominate you, or money problems is for poorer people like yourself and many ordinary people?

That's why Maria Duval exclaims! These are exactly that kind of attitudes that keep poor people poor, and perhaps even poorer. You should instead think like the rick, and allow money to flow towards you naturally.

Yes, we do indeed live in a world of plenty and money does try to blaze a trail towards us particularly towards those who have raised their level of consciousness.

Sit down comfortably, close your eyes and visualise a peaceful scene. Then replace your negative attitude with a positive one. Say in your mind: I'm no longer (this or that). I am no more (this)". Stregthen your reprogramming from time to time, both mentally and physically. Mentally,, by repeating the relaxation and affirmation exercises, and physically by performing some action that clearly illustrates your new found positive attitude.

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