Remove negative perception about money

This is an universal principle concerning money, love and happiness - three essential facets of a fruitful life for most of us.

Let's take the example of money. Maria Duval regards poverty as just a state of the mind. Do you know there are several ways of mentally rejecting wealth, and most of the time you are doing it unknowingly?

Let's consider the generally accepted beliefs, programmed into our minds often when we are very young as a kid. For example, if your parents were not rich, you will probably be constantly surrounded by comment and idea that you would never escape that apparently inevitable destiny of endless poverty.

Another example is that if you have bad self image, doesn't really matter if your parents were rich or poor, you'd probably been programmed never to make much money and never to become outstanding in life.

Also, over the course of the years, religious belief somehow strongly influence us with false beliefs as regards to the issue of money - like money being the root of evil, or money is dirty, and etc....

Maria Duval further adds that there are some other beliefs which we should be free of:

1. Money goes out faster than it comes in.
2. Artists should be poor to experience the gauges of life.
3. I will spend my money on others before I can spend any on myself.
4. As long as I am contented in life, money is not important.

Nobody likes to be held responsible for their poverty. But it is our beliefs about wealth and poverty that determine our destiny.

The final example is that if you were not poor, but if you know people who were, you will be observed how they never improved themselves in life, and you'll have told yourself this half truth fact that those who are born poor will die poor as well.

So Maria Duval advices that if you want to allow your wealth to grow and manifest itself, first of all you will have to change your awareness of wealth.

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