Maria Duval - Desire and Faith

Desire is a very strong impetus to one's person success, but without the seed of faith towards yourself, desire will simply ebb away to become a non-existent force. If you think you can, surely you can do it. That's the way it goes. It's the confidence that you invest in your desire that really counts.

Develop faith, a passionate and ineradicable faith and you too will accomplish wonderful things that will be minor miracles in themselves.

So in order to develop this burning faith, and you must begin by behaving as phrases and also the extraordinary effective technique of visualising things in your mind.

If you fill your mind daily with appropriate words and images, you will attract various opportunities relating to your desire. If you long for money, Maria Duval advises that you keep repeating to yourself firmly that money is your friend and that you want to acquire a bit more each day until you have amassed a fabulous fortune that can be used to own and other's benefits.

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