Maria Duval - Discover your Intuition

It's a known fact that people only use roughly 10% of the brain power. Maybe those who are more intelligent will use a few percentages more. It is also accurate to say that they only use 10% of the powers of their Mind. For example, we mainly use our mind for everyday activity like moving, exercising, thinking, learning and etc.

Probing deeper, each of us has a mysterious subconscious mind, commonly known as the Superconscious. This is a hidden treasure of humans and not many people know how to tape on its immense powers. Superconscious has unlimited power and if you know how to use it, you can achieve truly outstanding results.

Superconscious mind is also called the Intuition. Psychic Maria Duval asks, what exactly is this Superconscious Mind?

In a simple explanation, it is simply the Infinite Intelligence that made you what you are. The Intelligence that has manufactured your body from tiny cells which have multiplied indefinitely, from infant to your adulthood.

When you look at the mirror, you see yourself. A human being of skin and bone, which is our physical appearance and what other people remember of us. From our physical appearance, we have some ideas about ourselves and this is also called our ego.

But our ego is just a minute portion of what is showing up externally. It is like an iceberg. The most important part is hidden beneath of your appearance, away from view.

Maria Duval says this is the same as with the Mind. When you look at the mirror, you do not see the Infinite Intelligence that created you and which has always been within you. Among other things, it enables your body to work without you having to think how to work it or think it.

This is the truly superior difference that make human the Lord among the living things in this Earth. We are regarded as the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe. Calling upon this Intelligence that is within you is also same as calling our Inner Guide or our Soul. It is our best friend, our life buddy that follows us wherever we go. It is always there to help you when you call upon it.

You can connect to your Invisible Friend via your thought processes. This connection enables it to inspire and protect you. It will guide you by sending external or internal signs. It is this that is known as having intuition.

As Maria Duval said, human problems are due to the fact that the intuition is not developed to its full potential. The world will become more peaceful and a better place if there are more people knowing this fact. By neglecting this Intelligence, we have lost contact with it and we need to re-establish a link with it so that it will continue to send us signals to help and guide us.

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