Maria Duval on Consciousness

If you have been following this blog, you probably would know I write about positive attitude, visualisation, affirmations, Maria Duval, chakra and spirituality. It would be no surprise to you today because I am going to write something which is like things out of the law of attraction textbook.

Have you watched this movie called "The Secret", or read some books about controlling your own destiny? If so, this will probably makes sense and be of some help. Here goes:

Maria Duvals says there are 4 areas of consciousness which you can define.

  • Victim consciousness - things happen to me.

  • Manifestation, taking control - things happen by me.

  • Co-creating with your higher power - things happen through me.

  • Highest level of consciousness - things happen as me.

Where am I? I think still stuck at level 1. So to get it out, Maria Duval offers the following 6 pointers.

  • Visualise what you want, write it down, be specific.

  • Discard denials --throw away any self doubts and denials you have.

  • Create your own positive affirmative statements.

  • Have faith with own ability to make things happen.

  • Talk it, write it, do it. ACTION!

  • Discover your inner spiritual power to tap into that higher power to guide you.

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