Maria Duval talks about a ship in a stormy sea

Maria Duval's prosperity rule number 2 states that to be wealthy in life is a series of tasks and processes we got to stick on closely. We need to have clearly defined goal, stick to it, until we achieved it. Once we never divert from the path we have set, luck and fortunate breaks will come in because what we sown earlier have born fruits.

Besides this, Maria Duval also says that it is advisable that we use our creative visualisation ability to visualise what form of success we want to have in the future. Is it going to be a grand house? Lots of cash? You need to decide what you want to paint it so vividly in your mind that one day it will turn out real in your life.

Do you know that flimsy ideas will produce flimsy results? Yes it is important to be precise and exact. Maria Duval has told me not to expect anything less when we embark on a project; set out from the block to be a winner. You need to go about it with a definite idea of everything you wish to accomplish. Maria Duval asks, so in this case, why are so many people never succeeded in their lives to achieve things they deserve?

According to a survey in which one hundred people was interviewed, only 6 people clearly knew what they wanted in life. The rest were just contented, like a ship without a rudder in the middle of a stormy sea. Maria says that a good captain of the ship will make adjustments and calculations all the time to ensure that the ship reaches the destination safely and accurately. In life we should just be like that, shouldn't we?

Maria Duval suggests that you remind yourself daily with a powerful reaffirming phrase like "each day i am getting nearer and nearer to be goal and getting rich". If repeated many times, this will instil in you a tremendous psychological power. Yes, start doing that today! Know what you want in life first!

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