Maria Duval explains psychic aura

Maria Duval says that all things that exist in this universe are made up of particles that vibrate constantly, and the degree of vibration gives rise to the state of the matter. When the particles vibrate, they emit energy in the form of waves.

Maria Duval on AuraThis emission of energy differs only in the length of the wave. In fact, each object, each organism, possesses its own specific wavelength, and gives out energy in an amount particular to it. This radiated energy produces an electromagnetic field energy around the object or body concerned.

This energy field then enters into resonance with its surroundings (another object, a person, the earth, and etc), which creates energetic interactions.

Maria Duval also says that we human beings, emit two main waves: a "physical" wave, generated by its physiological organs, and a "mental" wave, that are dependent on the mind. Together these form what is called the psychic "AURA".

People like Maria Duval who has the clairvoyant gift can perceive and see the aura around a person. Aura takes the form of an egg filled with radiations of different colours. These colours will change according to the state of health and the preoccupations of the individual.

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