Maria Duval on JOY

Maria Duval teaches me that JOY is the expansive energy of dynamic well-being. It brings ecstasy, makes your eyes twinkle, gives you a spring in your foot steps, and makes you exudes radiance. It is instrinsically open, generous and relaxed. Joy comes when your emotional energy is free to react appropriately to the experiences you encounter.

Just think of the natural euphoria that you feel when you are dancing, running or performing any other physical activity, at the point when your whole body is moving on its own, effortlessly and naturally.

Maria Duval stresses that this kind of happiness can only occur when fear, anger and sadness are freely expressed.

Joy is as important as the other emotions, and perhaps even more so. It cures, strengthens and restores confidence in what your inner life should be.

So when you experience joy, spontaneity comes of its own accord, and you no longer avoid the fear of the present by always wanting to be somewhere else, in another situation, in the past or an uncertain future.

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