Maria Duval on being Compassionate

Maria Duval says that you experience compassion once you have experienced fear, anger, sadness and joy. When these range of emotions form part of your everyday life, you become more aware of them in other people and begin to understand other people's motives.

Also, because you are no longer in conflict with yourself, you are no longer tempted to threaten the vital space of others. By doing so, you give them the opportunity to stop being invaded by their fears.

In short, you are now able to give people exactly what they need, which automatically opens the door to success and prosperity for you.

What is compassion? Compassion is not always a caress, it is sometimes a slap in the face. Compassion is being able to feel what another person is feeling while remaining sufficiently detached to understand their needs and to know what to do or say.

Maria Duval clarifies that being compassionate means feeling sorry and sad for other people. Being compassionate means giving the other person what they need, which is not always the same as giving them what they want.

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