Maria Duval - The Song of the Heart

Maria Duval tells me that songs are an integral part of all cultures. Songs express anger and suffering, joy and sadness, our cares and concerns. Music and songs constitute one of those rare domains in which the exploration of the entire range of emotions is openly approved and fully accepted, even in our cultures where the tendency is to repress true emotions and replace them with pale imitations or simulations.
When you think about it, you realise that we depend on singers in the sense that they provide us with an almost constantly supply of emotional energy. While the art of the singer lies in showing us how to explore the range of our emotions, you can release these emotions by discovering the "singer that lies dormant within you".

Maria Duval - Singing
Maria Duval further explains that singing is a very simple and immediate way of releasing the flow of your emotions and allowing them to flow day after day. It is not a case of becoming a professional singer by a human being working to his full potential.

Initially you can sing along with the songs contained in your favourite CDs or MP3 tunes. Look for songs that connect you emotionally. Sing as often as you can, at home, during showers, driving, house work, or even during jogging sessions~

If you are shy or feel that you are not good in singing, Maria Duval suggests that you can hum along the music allowing the music to rise from the pit of your stomach. Feel it vibrating throughout your body. Hum from your chest, from your heart. Finally hum the highest notes, allowing the sound to vibrate in your head.

When you do it, you can feel that your soul is "moving" as you hum along as you are immersing in the whole of the melodic music. It does't matter there is lyrics or not as all your have to do it so let the sound rise from your stomach and vibrate throughout your entire body.

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