Focus your attention

Maria Duval tells me that concentration is an important ability to focus and fix your attention of an idea or object to the extent that no external influences may even affect your mental focal point.

"Being able to concentrate" means having the power to focus all your mental energy on a single thing at a time, without allowing youself to be completely distracted by events that occur around you.

Maria Duval on ConcentrationOne good example Maria Duval gives is the magnifying glass that is under focus of sunlight on a hot day. The glass will focus the sunlight into an even more powerful ray of light that can cause burnt marks. In the same way, by concentrating your mind, all your mental energy can be focused to produce an energy that can bring you to a higher level in life.

Maria Duval assures you that concentration is one of the more important elements to success.

if you want to achieve any form of success in life, you must learn to focus your attention, thoughts, emotions, desires and determination. Focus them like the sun's rays, on a single point.

Observe the top sports men and sports women. Aren't they all possess the highest possible of level when they are in their game? Same level of intense concentration applies to many outstanding personalities in their respective field of excellence.

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