Maria Duval's exercise to improve Concentration

Maria Duval suggests to me to do this exercise to improve my concentration level.

Take a sheet of cardboard and draw a black dot in the centre. The size of the dot doesn't matter as the main thing is that you can see it clearly.

Next, sit down comfortably and place the card board in front of you and look at the black dot.

For a minute or so, just look at the dot without making any kind of effort. Let your gaze rest on the black surface of the dot and stick to it. Don't think of anything. If a thought comes into your mind, don't "fight" it. let it drift away and dissipate.

Maria Duval continues and says now look at the black dot but focus on its centre, as if you wanted to see what it contained. Try not to blink and do this for 2 minutes.

Now you are in the perfect pose to get acquainted with the black dot. If asked to, you would have no difficulty in drawing it.

Put the cardboard to one side and close your eyes. Try to see the dot in your mind's eye. All you have to do is to reconstruct the image as you have just seen it. In only a few seconds you will have the impression that the black dot is floating in your head and becomes fixed in the region of your forehead.

You may end this concentration exercise from Maria Duval once you have "found" this "floating" image.

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