Law of Actions and Reactions

It is now a solid scientific fact that every object in the Universe vibrates non stop and constantly. How much they vibrate give us different states of the matter, whether solid, liquid or gaseous. There is energy when there is vibration.

Therefore, since we are made up of little tiny particles, we are also vibrating constantly and emitting energy simultaneously. Maria Duval says that the energy we give out is spread out and into the Universe, usually within the terrestrial sphere.

Maria Duval - Law of Actions and ReactionsOur words, thoughts and actions are carried and transmitted by these vibrations across the vast swathe of space and influence of our surroundings. That's why Maria Duval thinks that if we harbour negative thoughts about a person, that person could be influenced by our negative thoughts, and thus causing problems in life for him or her, at some stage of time in the future.

That's why I understand why we always advise people to think positively as this will influence the thoughts of people around us and thus making this world a better place.

On top of that, the entire Universe has under the law of Action and Reaction, thus each action exerted will receive an equal amount of reaction in certain form. So we are sooner or later affected by everything we think, say and do.

In conclusion, Maria Duval tells me that this is the primary reason why we pray and there are prayers. Prayers send out positive hope and energy to the Universe and through the Action and Reaction law, the answers will come to us in better terms. Prayers also suppress negative thoughts and attract positive energy that helps us to lead a peaceful and harmonious life with the surrounding.

Have a very wonderful weekend!

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