Money as an energy

Psychic Maria Duval explains to me that Cosmic Universal Energy fills the entire universe. This energy, the source of all life, is present at every level of Creation, the macrocosm and microcosm: Galaxies, solar systems, planets, living organisms, cells, molecules, atom and etc that constitute them.

In fact, Maria Duval says that everything that exists in the universe originates in the cosmic universal energy, which is itself t he manifestation of divine love. The same is true of money, a material element of divine origin.

Money is a form of energy that serves as a means of exchange. In truth, money is a materialisation of love.

Maria Duval gives a very good example of this.Maria Duval on Money as a form of Energy

You could have come across some rich parents who dot wholeheartedly on their children by giving them ample of pocket money. This is an act of love as parents use money as a way to express their love for the children. Some parents who are not good to express love verbally may also use some forms of monetary rewards for their kids.

Considered as an energy form, money truly is a privileged way of understanding the lessons inherent to the material world. Maria says to reject it is to deprive yourself of certain experiences that are positive for individual destiny. Not that anyone will dislike money?

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I agree that money is very mysterious.