Maria Duval - Some Principles of Wealth

Maria Duval explains some of the proven principles to attract wealth into our lives.

1. Expectation: Expect the best and see how result is spontaneously contained in the expectation. Don't doubt this, and never be discouraged. Have calm faith in the results and abundance will manifest itself all by itself. Tell yourself that the occasional failure contains within it the seeds of success. Actually, there is no such thing as failure; what we call failure is just a mechanism through which we learn to be successful later.

2. Cultivate a right attitude towards money: An awareness of wealth involves never concerning yourself about money. If you become obsessed by money that you need, then you will remain in a situation of need. Truly wealthy people never worry when they lose money because they know it comes from a never ending source.

3. Learn to give and receive: Maria Duval reiterates the importance of this. Wealth will become your faithful servant if you obey this rule. Helping other people to become richer, better and make their dreams come true is a sure way to ensure that you will become rich and achieve your dreams. Give and receive are the flow of energy in this Universe and they are not just confined to material giving or receiving. A simple compliment or reciprocated act of respect to another person is just an example. Through this you are creating a "platform" in life for abundance to come into your life.

4. Display willpower: Maria thinks this is vital too. Willpower is the ability to take a decision that you can't turn your back on later. It means focus 100% on a stated objective that nothing external can bring it down. Once you have decided to become wealthy, show your willpower and do the right things. The Universe will take care of the details for you. In the end, remember to thank the Universe for the gifts and this expression of gratitude will in turn bring in more abundance to your life.

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