Just like a mirror

Spiritual psychic Maria Duval gives an analogy of your brain to a reflective mirror as it is perpetually reflecting "packets" of external "data" that come into your direct pathway. These sudden ideas do come and leave, and there is no "shield" to protect the brain of what is to come or leave. That is, we lack a "control" system inside and hence we are easily influenced. If you are able to take control of these ideas and thoughts better, you will find an improvement in conscious power through channelling.

The biggest thing is to recharge your metaphysical spotential which may have diminished. To recharge it again spiritually, there is a need to curb and control the emotions and your imagination, which dissipate and waste your psychic healing power.

Your need to change and modify all responses which have been ingrained deeply and that it makes you habitual and worthless. Your reason and your intellect should have the biggest influence on how you conduct yourself

It's not a matter of mobilizing your willpower to overcome your habits, but simply using your imagination and emotions.

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