Creative Visualisation Exercise 2

I talk about Maria Duval's Creative Visualisation Exercise a couple of posts ago and the feedback I receive is positive. I am glad there are some visitors who loyally follow this blog and I am really appreciative of your kind gesture. Let me know if you have a blog and I will follow its RSS as a a sign of reciprocation.

Creative visualisation is a mental technique of imaging and visualising as clear pictures of the positive events that you wish to happen in your life, until it becomes true event.

If you have practiced Exercise 1, now you have been keen to practise Exercise 2 as well. To make it more streamlined, I have written this Maria Duval's mental technique at eHow.com as a series of steps for you to follow.

The first 2 steps are :

Step 1
Take a piece of paper and draw a black dot in the middle. (size of the dot is not important as long as it is clearly visible)

Step 2
Sit down comfortably and look at the black dot for about 1 or 2 minutes. Relax and empty your mind and let any thoughts that come in to dissipate.


Read more about it at eHow.com.


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