Maria Duval - Creative Visualisation Exercise 3

It's a few days since the last post and I hope things are going well in your life.

Let me continue with Maria Duval's Creative Visualisation Exercise. This is the last if the 3 posts about this practical topic.

First, select a shape like a matchbox, book, vase or etc. Settle yourself in a relaxed position and then focus your attention on the object. Observe intently its colour, contour and shape. Now close your eyes and try to see the object in your mind as clearly as possible.
Maria Duval - Creative Visualisation Exercise 3
At first, you may see that the object is blurred or fleeting. Try to improve this image as much as possible. Open your eyes and look at the object again. This time, look at all the details and characteristics. Then close your eyes again and reconstruct the object in your mind, seeing it as perfectly as possible. Repeat this exercise until you succeed in representing this object clearly. You must see it in your mind as if you had seen it with your eyes.

With the practice you have had from the exercises before, now create the image of a black circle mentally. Once you have captured this image, use your will to maintain the vision. If you need to, use the index finger pressure technique, maintaining this pressure for about 30 seconds.

Now that your black circle is static, you are going to change the colour. Concentrate hard on the colour purple. Then say the word purple a few times. The important thing is the conviction with which you say the word, which should come from deep within you.

Maria Duval says now you try to see your black circle get gradually lighter, making it purple by using your will. This will be easy for you to do because your circle does not have any will of it own. It cannot but obey you. It is what you want it to be and nothing else.

Lastly, once the colour has changed, start working on the now purple circle again, making it change to other colours...

Maria Duval advises that by doing these series of visualization exercises, it will set you on a firm foundation to start your creative visualisation process such that you will gain the most with less effort.

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